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Founded in 1946, Stratic is now managed by the 3rd generation. At their company headquarters near Frankfurt am Main, products are designed and developed in cooperation with thier suppliers. In-house engineers and designers together have more than 150 years experience in the industry. Before an idea can be launched on the market, it goes through the following stages: Each product is drawn and designed to scale. It is then assembled and tested for the first time. This is repeated in several cycles until all the material components fit together perfectly and all the requirements of user-friendliness are fulfilled.

Stratic is committed to special ideas on the luggage market. The brand name "Stratic" comes from the word "stratosphere", suggesting a feeling of floating up and away. The Stratic hot-air balloon - illustrates this very clearly. That's why lightness is the outstanding feature of their products. But that doesn't mean functionality, quality, or design are neglected.