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Dear Travelers,

PORTMANTOS envisions being your preferred, one stop travel destination. Our core focus is to provide you the best quality and diverse brand portfolio that matches up to latest technology and style, with a commitment to first class service and assistance. As soon as you buy a product, it will get automatically registered in our system. You will then be exposed to the diverse world of PORTMANTOS Concierge Service. We have over 30 years of experience dealing with repairs and fixes, and unless your carry on is from the college days, we will be happy to repair any luggage item purchased from PORTMANTOS. Download your Repair request form here, fill it out, and either submit the form online or save a copy and email it to returns@PORTMANTOS.com. All you need to do is ship it to us and we will ship it back to you free of charge. You can expect your return between 2 – 4 weeks of us receiving the shipment, so you can travel stress-free.

Please note: If the repairs aren’t covered under the manufacturer’s warranty there may be additional charges. Upon inspection PORTMANTOS will contact you before any repair is carried out if an additional charge is required.  Should the cost of repairs be too expensive, you have an option of applying your shipping cost towards a new piece of luggage. 

Contact: 1 (844)999-PORT (7678) or E-mail: repairs@PORTMANTOS.com