The Bucket List Journey

Travel Blogger Annette White

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1) What is your idea of a perfect trip?

My perfect trip is a balance between culture, adventure and checks off my bucket list. I am a traveler who loves to immerse myself in a countries culture, as well as hit up all the crowded hot-spots (they’re usually touristy for a reason). If you scatter in a bit of good old-fashioned adventure too, that makes for the ultimate travel experience.
2) Are you a heavy packer, or do you prefer to travel light?

I always travel light, unless I am packing for a purpose (packing needed supplies for the visited communities). I make sure that each piece of clothing packed can be a part of 2-3 different outfits and I typically travel with no more than 2 pairs of shoes. My cosmetic bag is filled with only the amount of items I will need for each trip, all neatly stored in the appropriate sized GoToob containers. Plus, I have doubles of everything in my makeup bag, so there is no need to repack it for every trip. It never comes out of my suitcase!

3) What is one item that you can’t travel without?

Hands down, my camera. I couldn’t imagine having an amazing experience without being able to record it to share with my friends and family back home. Plus, some trips are such a whirlwind that looking at the photographs triggers such incredible memories.

4) Style or function: which is more important when it comes to your luggage?

If you are talking about the luggage itself, than I would pick function every time. It is way more important to me that my suitcase has spinner wheels and a durable casing than a Louis Vuitton logo. If you are speaking of the contents inside my suitcase, I try to mix a little bit of both style and function. A pair of great cargo pants can easily be dressed up or down!

5) What is one travel item that should be in any travelers’ bag?

Besides the essentials (toothbrush, deodorant, underwear, etc…), the one thing that should be in any travelers’ bag is a xerox copy of their passport and drivers license. In case of an emergency, I keep copies of these items in the inside lining of each suitcase I own. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use them!