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Magic Four-Wheeler

The most important decision for a jetsetter traveler is, “Which luggage piece is going to care for and transport my life necessities safely and effortlessly?”

Most times, you carry your luggage by yourself, and at most airports you walk for a while before you drop off your suitcase. Thus, technology and luggage product development has presented a great option, the multiwheel spinner.  The four spinner wheels allow you to push your luggage with structural integrity and great ease of handling.

A definite upgrade from the two-wheel drive, four wheelers have specific advantages that better serve our travel requirements. The coolest being that you can move your luggage in any direction, especially on a flat surface. This allows you to walk with your luggage, add a briefcase or duffle on top, and not have your shoulder do all the weightlifting. Not only is this convenient, but also provides you maneuvering power to move it in narrow passageways such as a train or plane aisle. For longevity of your multiwheel spinner, make sure to drag the luggage on its two rear wheels when gliding over uneven surfaces.  

Quality is key. It’s important to invest in the right piece since four wheelers can easily buckle under pressure if they’re poorly made. Wheels take the most wear and tear and are not easy to replace, so durability is your number one priority. Also, check for wheel encasements and sealed wheel bearings for top-of-the-line productivity.  Another tip is to ensure that the wheels are further apart from each other, so they can balance well around its center of gravity.  Larger diameter wheels also add to the stability of the luggage. If they’re too close together, there is a higher chance of buckling if you place a second piece of luggage on the handle.

Make sure to invest in well-designed luggage that comes with a lifetime warranty that includes wheel replacement. Tumi, Rimowa, and Brigs and Riley have done a splendid job in creating these masterpieces with great wheel function and beautiful features.

Tumi sports state-of-the-art easy-glide wheels that incorporate sealed steel-ball bearings mounted on solid steel axels in custom-designed shock-absorbing bushings. These single wheels roll smoothly and quietly for hundreds of miles. Steer clear from plastic casings as they’re more likely to crack.

Rimowa provides four large double wheels for better longevity and maneuverability over uneven surfaces. These larger diameter wheels and a wider distance between them make for more stable movement.

Briggs and Riley is known for their four double-swivel wheels with an integrated molded wheel frame that is recessed for optimal durability and effortless 360° navigation. These multiwheel spinners take design, durability and functionality to a new level of convenience.

Quality over quantity will bring you peace of mind while traveling; don’t stress over a broken wheel during your relaxing vacation.