Carry-It-Alls Style File

Vacation Sidekick

Planning for a getaway? Then the one item you absolutely need this season is the perfect crossbody sling bag for your trip.

The Alvar Crossbody from Kipling is a hidden gem, and you won’t want to go anywhere without it on this year’s break. Stylish, functional, and affordable, this crossbody has an attractive sling with adjustable shoulder straps, allowing you to wear it in several different ways. Available in fun colors such as Aqua Blue, Pink Orchid, Cardinal Red, and Honey Dew, this remarkable crossbody is made from water-resistant, tenacious 420 Denier Nylon, which helps it survive in both high temperatures and humid conditions.

Two front zippered pockets, with an additional built-in accessory pocket, electronics pocket, and key clasp, allow you access to all of your necessities without flashing the contents of your bag to onlookers. What's more, it zips securely, ensuring that your valuables don’t spill over, and keeps your bag pickpocket free.

Lightweight and versatile, the Alvar Crossbody from Kipling has room for your phone, lip-gloss and a small wallet, in addition to flattering nearly every one of your outfits. The colors and elegance of this crossbody bag add a spark to your overall look, and can easily be worn under your favorite jacket. Heading to the surf? Beachgoers can add a travel-size sunscreen lotion, wipes, and anything else to this small but spacious crossbody.

Welcome to the new version of hands-free, as Kipling brings this crossbody in two distinctly petite sizes – regular and XS. Make the most of this luggage buddy, and enjoy a stress free vacation.