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Five Questions With:

Travel Writer Wes Holland

Wes Holland of Life Through Preppy Glasses

Wes Holland describes himself as "A Northeast Prep navigating through the concrete jungle of Manhattan all while wearing nantucket reds. Former fashion intern, Francophile, feature business leader. Always dreaming of a bigger closet." As the founder of the travel and style blog Life Through Preppy Glasses, and a contributor to Skimbaco Lifestyle, we trust that he knows a thing or two about traveling! We asked him five questions about his travel routine, essentials and more:

What is your idea of a perfect trip? 

For me, the ideal trip can take me somewhere new or somewhere familiar, however, it is a trip that must include an array of enriching experiences. Travel is all about the experiences you have,  the memories you make, and the stories you are able to share. From the arts and dining, to shopping and scenery, a great trip includes a variety of options.


Are you a heavy packer, or do you prefer to travel light?

I must admit, I am not a great packer. For me, the process can end up taking quite some time. With that being said, I am ultimately a light packer. I find myself ending up with too many outfits on my first go-around, which then prompts me to go back and edit what I have set aside to pack. I prefer refining choices and packing on the lighter side as it saves room and weight in your bag for those unexpected souvenirs you may find along the way.


What is one item that you can’t travel without?

It may sound extremely cliché, but I would not be able to travel without my iPhone. It has come to function as my everything tool- my camera when I do not want to lug a large SLR, my map for finding my way around town, and my guidebook for checking apps such as Yelp for recommendations. 


Style or function: which is more important when it comes to your luggage?

Function: I want luggage that holds everything I need it to and gets the job done in the most efficient way possible. Your suitcase is only seen when you arrive at the airport and depart and spends the rest of the time in the plane so I prefer something that is functional versus stylish.


What is one travel item that should be in any travelers’ bag?

Good Headphones: They will be your best friend. I recommend a pair that is noise canceling or noise reducing as they will drown out that sibling on a long road trip, or reduce the hum of an airplane on a long-haul flight and ultimately help you sleep better so you can arrive refreshed.