Sanitary Tray + Table Cover with Pockets for Planes, Patented Design with Multiple Compartments, Travel Organizing Accessory for Comfortable Flight

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    Long and boring flights are only bearable if you have the right accessories on hand. But common plane seats are tight and uncomfortable, so your space is limited. That is why our team has designed the amazing airplane pockets tray cover, a clever accessory that keeps all your essentials on display during your flight. Why is this product for you? The amazing plane tray cover is your number 1 solution to keeping your laptop, headphones, water bottle, e-reader and glasses on hand. With multiple compartments and a special germ-resistant material that makes your seat more sanitary, this travel accessory is a must-have for any flight. Some of the amazing features of this product: The airplane pockets tray cover is a unique accessory that will transform your flight experience Easy to install Machine washable for easy maintenance Germ-resistant material Made with 100% polyester Color: black Includes 4 compartments for laptop, water bottle, e-reader, and glasses Ideal for traveling with kids and babies Makes for a lovely airplane gift Patented design Foldable and lightweight accessory Transform your flight with the airplane pockets tray cover!

    Product Specifications
    • polyester
    • WHAT YOU NEED: To make flights more comfortable you need access to a lot of accessories that are difficult to use in those tight seats. Luckily, we have designed the unique and patented Airplane Pockets organizer, a simple accessory that will organize your essentials and keep them at-hand during your flight a convenient airplane travel accessory (easily within arms reach in front of you)
    • MANY COMPARTMENTS: The airplane seat pockets cover includes 4 stretchable pockets that are great for storing your personal items on hand at all times and make your travel easy. A large pocket for your laptop, 2 medium size pockets for your e-reader or kindle, water bottle and phone, and a smaller pocket for your earbuds and glasses... right in front of your seat!
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: The airplane tray cover is made from 100% polyester, a durable and stretchy material that ensures more flexibility to adjust to any tray table that easily slides on and off the table. The Airplane pocket organizing accessory is also water and germ resistant, so its perfect for everyone concerned with germs
    • EASY MAINTENANCE: One of the best parts about the amazing Airplane Pockets tray table covers is that it is machine washable and easy to clean. The organizing pockets are reusable for a clean fresh table cloth on your tray so you can enjoy them on all your flights. The germ-resistant material provides you a clean tray to eat and work on.
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    10" X 5" X 2"
    Dimensions 10" X 5" X 2"
    0.7 lb
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