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    Color:Porta The Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover is one of thelightest covers on the market with a 100-Percent open-weave cotton muslincomposition. Our nursing covers help maintain privacy and comfort whilenursing on the go, especially during those warm summer months when you need abreathable material to stay cool. This breastfeeding cover has a patented Rigflex open neckline that holds the cover away from mom and baby, which allowsthem to maintain eye contact and continue the important bond duringbreastfeeding. The neckline features a patented Interlocking Cap System thatprevents sharp boning material from breaking through the ends, making it moredurable and protective than the competition. The open neckline also ensuresproper air flow and allows mom to see that baby is properly latched,encouraging breastfeeding success. The neck strap is secure and adjustable tohold the cover in place, so you can breastfeed with confidence no matter whereyou are. Porta is a regal pattern with white scrolls on an eye-catchingperiwinkle blue backdrop. The Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover ismachine washable, so it's always clean and ready to go when you need it. Bebeau Lait's award-winning nursing covers have been a favorite of celebrities andbreastfeeding mom's since 2004. Bebe au Lait's award-winning products havebeen a favorite of celebrities and parents since 2004. Bebe au Lait iscommitted to creating products that families love, whether its for bath time,mealtime, or on the go. All Bebe au Lait products are made of the highestquality materials and tested to meet international safety standards. Designedby parents for parents, Bebe au Lait is the practical and luxurious choicethat parents reach for first.

    Product Specifications
    • 100% Cotton
    • Imported
    • Ultra soft, light, and breathable 100% open-weave cotton muslin material
    • Patented Rigiflex open neckline holds cover away from mom and baby, ensuring proper air flow and allowing them to maintain eye contact
    • Neck strap holds the nursing cover in place so you can breastfeed in public with confidence
    Product Details
    8" X 4" X 2"
    Dimensions 8" X 4" X 2"
    0.7 lb
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