Adventure Happens Rolling Suitcase

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Adventure Happens
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Carry-On Luggage

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    Product Story

    The Itzy Ritzy RS8084 Adventure Happens Rolling Suitcase is a child sizedtravel bag with wheels that gives busy kids a way to proudly tote their ownbelongings from family vacations to overnights with grandparents. The rollingsuitcase is made of a durable polyester canvas that features a spaciousinterior and front zipper pocket to make packing simple and keep necessitiesorganized and stowed during travel. This kid friendly bag is sized to betucked neatly in a car or under an airplane seat. The soft fabric zipper tagshelp small hands open and close the bag with ease. This bag can be easilytransported by either the fabric handle at the top, or the adjustable lockinghandle that provides the perfect height for children and can be raised when anadult needs to take over the job. The clear plastic ID pouch on the backprovides a place to personalize by sliding in a child's name in case of lostluggage. This suitcase is designed with a cute owl character that's perched ona whimsical pink pattern matching other items in the Itzy Ritzy collection.The suitcase measures 16 "by 13 "by 6.5 "and weighs 3.75 pounds. The ItzyRitzy RS8084 Adventure Happens Rolling Suitcase is recommended for children 3years and up and comes with a warranty against any manufacturing defects atthe time of purchase. At Itzy Ritzy, we believe that parenting in style ispossible. Our collection is designed to provide families with smart andstylish solutions to everyday parenting challenges. From multi-purpose designsthat empower and chic prints that inspire, to solutions that raiseconsciousness, we've reinvented practical luxury for modern families aroundthe world while remaining true to our core vision of keeping things simple.Visit for more information on Itzy Ritzy and ourextensive line of products.

    Product Specifications
    • 100% Polyester
    • Imported
    • Child-size rolling suitcase is sized for kids on the go with a front zipper pocket for go-to items and a large open interior for easy packing
    • Sized to be tucked neatly in a car or under an airplane seat
    • Made of durable polyester canvas exterior with soft fabric zipper closures and fixed fabric handle
    Product Details
    13.36" X 19.88" X 8.64"
    Trip Time1-2 DayTrip
    Dimensions 13.36" X 19.88" X 8.64"
    6.0 lb
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Carry On FriendlyYes