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How to buy a backpack: College


Moving on up, you just received your university email address and your professors are flooding your inbox! Whether it’s a chic tote bag or practical backpack make sure that it’s large enough to fit those extremely heavy and ridiculously expensive text books! With the new phase of typing your notes in class it’s always a plus to find a bag with a padded laptop/tablet compartment. Handwriting your notes in a notebook is so last year!

Electronics: A padded electronics pocket is always a plus whether it be for a tablet or laptop.

Reflective: If a student will be walking home from school or out at night, their backpack should have pieces of reflective material on the bag.

Good Quality: DON'T skimp on quality. Pay the extra and get a backpack with reinforced stitching, especially around zippers and pockets. 

Size: A roomy main compartment is more important than you think, just think about finals weeks and imagine what your bag would look like with your life inside of it. 

Brands to consider: Herschel, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, Pacsafe, Hedgren