Back to School: Elementary

How to buy a backpack: Elementary

Elementary School! That means your child is growing up. The transition of carrying around school projects to school papers is happening faster than you thought. A durable pack that is ready for abuse is exactly what you need. Functionality is definitely more important than looks these days!

Durable: 8 year olds are just not very nice to their bags, make sure you have a durable pack that is ready to be thrown on the floor the second they arrive home.

Comfortable: Padded shoulder straps are key, students are just starting to bring home their folders and books and the last thing you need is a back complaint!

Pockets: One of the biggest challenges is to have an organized child that knows where his pencils are. Be sure to find a pack that has multiple interior and exterior zippered pockets.

Zippers: Always purchase a bag with zippers, students carrying backpacks with drawstrings or buckles are more likely to lose their homework! 

Brands to consider: Kipling, Lesportsac , Hedgren , Sakroots