Pack For Paradise

Budapest #19

If you haven’t been to the 19th Best Place to Travel according to U.S. News, then it is time to make your plans now! With its endless culture and beauty, it is no surprise Budapest is a must-see for all travelers. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has been called “The Heart of Europe” because of its breath-taking architecture and scenic views. With never-ending shopping, museums, and every cuisine imaginable, one will never find themselves in a dull moment in Budapest. Enliven your sense of wonder and journey to this dazzling city!
Products to bring:

GoTravel Dry Safe: They don’t call Budapest “The City of Baths” for nothing! If you find yourself visiting the healing waters of Budapest’s many thermal baths it is important you have all your belongings safe in the waterproof GoTravel Dry Safe!

Crumpler Shoulder Camera Bag: Whether you are touring the Parliament building or exploring St. Stephen’s Basilica, you are going to want to capture these moments forever. Luckily the Crumpler Camera Bag will make sure not only your camera, but your memories will be kept safe!

Tumi Alpha Bravo Lejeune Backpack Tote: From Castle Hill to the Faust Wine Cellar, if you want to experience everything Budapest has to offer, you are going to spend a lot of time walking! Bring the ultimate travel companion like this Tumi Lejeune Backpack that can carry all your must-haves comfortably!