Care & Cleaning

Finding the right luggage is not easy. At PORTMANTOS, we are big advocates of taking utmost care of the luggage that we have found so dearly. See the following general guidelines to clean your luggage pieces:

  • Use a vacuum or a brush to remove any dust, mud and pollens off the surface.
  • For a leather suitcase, make sure to use a saddle soap or oil soap specially formulated for leather. Take a look at package instructions before applying to large patches, and avoid getting those genuine leather areas wet.
  • If you like the hard-sided suitcase, keep a mild spray cleaner handy. A simple spray and wipe with a cloth is enough to keep it clean and shining.
  • If your suitcase has a mild abrasion, use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or even toothpaste for it to look bright and new. Try it on a small section, and ensure that it is not making it worse.
  • Reuse that Febreze from the laundry room, and spray an odor-reducer to make the luggage feel fresh and welcoming. A dryer sheet or an unused soap bar is also useful in adding that little bit of fragrance.
  • If you’d like an odor-less suitcase, store it with a charcoal pouch or a ball of black and white newspaper that will aid in moisture absorption.

Always store your suitcase in a cover to keep it dust free.

If the above doesn’t work, give us a shout and we will help solve specific cleaning queries.