Pack For Paradise

Crete #22


Prepare to have your breath taken away by the gorgeous sights and sounds of the 22nd Best Place to Travel according to U.S. News - Crete, Greece. If you are a traveler who enjoys ancient treasures, stunning architecture, and phenomenal landscapes this is the destination for you. Whether you journey down Crete’s pink-sanded beaches or explore through the mountain villages, you will never see anything like it! Feeling inspired? Pack up some Portmantos pieces and take in all of the culture and character Crete has to offer. 


Products to Bring

Zero Halliburton Wheeled Spinner: In Crete you can find yourself bouncing from a day at Balos Beach right to dinner at the iconic Ntounias, so it is important to have a range of appropriate clothing for any situation. With enough room for all types of clothing and belongings, we suggest bringing the durable Zero Halliburton Spinner.

M-Clip Signature Premier Money Clip: Planning on touring the Old Venetian Harbor or joining to one of Crete’s safari adventures? A piece of advice: bring as little as you can for your own comfort, like a few euros in this Sigature Premier Money Clip by M-Clip. 

Bric's Bojola Tri-Fold: Is there anything more stunning than the Bojola Tri-Fold from Bric’s? For a piece that is just as beautiful as Crete’s own Samaria National Park, the tri-fold from Bric’s is light and compact and can handle taking all of your toiletries on your trip of a lifetime!