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What’s in Kelly Rutherford's Travel Bag?

Courtesy of Social Life Magazine

Actress, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Kelly Rutherford, travels often for business and pleasure. While she likes to lead a simple, easygoing lifestyle, Kelly is always on the go for work, family, and events. She has become well-recognized for her impeccable taste and effortless style and is sharing some of her favorite items with PORTMANTOS!

FAVORITE TRAVEL ESSENTIAL: I absolutely love my Wolf Chloe Jewelry Portfolio from PORTMANTOS. 

FAVORITE TRAVEL APP: I love Instagram and take so many photos. And I usually go through and edit photos from my photo album while I’m on the plane to post them.

FAVORITE TRAVEL READING: I love anything by Abraham Hicks, and magazines are great to pass the time with.

FAVORITE MUSIC:  Right now, I’m really into Muse, Rihanna and White Sun. 

FAVORITE TRAVEL OUTFIT: Whatever is cozy. I love the travel set and travel blankets from Raffi. They are beautiful cashmere perfect to take with you anywhere.

FAVORITE BEAUTY ESSENTIAL: Drinking lots of water and wearing a moisturizer every day. Oh, and a good sunscreen is a must!

FAVORITE SNACK ON-THE-GO: I love getting Shake Shack at the airport and Kreation juice when I’m in LA. 

FAVORITE TRAVEL ENTERTAINMENT: I love using flight time to disconnect and catch up on films and TV shows.

FAVORITE DESTINATION: I really enjoy France, Italy and Switzerland. Both the beach and countryside are wonderful. There are so many beautiful cities…


Courtesy of Social Life Magazine 

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