Pack For Paradise

Maldives #11

Who else is ready for a sweet escape from the real world? Ditch the chilly weather and get your swimsuit ready, because this week we are heading to U.S. News 11th Best Place to Travel, the Maldives! Every month 100,000 luxury-seeking travelers jet-off to this romantic yet adrenaline-fueled island. Dip your toes into the Indian Ocean and experience a whole new side of the world. When we say we are packing for paradise we truly mean it and we want you on board with us!
Products to bring:
Ebby Rane Quatermaster Cloud: Maldives is known to attract luxury travelers because of its elegant boutiques, pristine beaches, and peaceful atmosphere. What better way to show the Maldives how you roll than with the always elegant Ebby Rane Quatermaster Cloud.
Mark Giusti Riva Zipped Wallet: For an authentic glimpse at the daily lives of the people of Maldives, the Male’ Fish Market is the place to go! Pick up your own fruits and fish or just simply check out the country’s most important industry – fishing. Be sure you pack light for the busy day with the stylish yet convenient Mark Giusti Zipped Wallet for all of your cash and cards!
Diesel Round Acetate Sunglasses: Known for its rich sea life, Maldives always attracts the most adventurous travelers! With tons of water activities like surfing, boating, and scuba diving to the Maldives Victory protect your eyes from the sun in the unique and modern Diesel Round Sunglasses.