Pack For Paradise

Prague #12

No traveler can deny the charm and beauty of the 12th Best Place to Travel according you US News, Prague. With its storied churches, narrow streets, and daunting hilltop castles, you may never want to leave! Once seen as a hidden gem, Prague’s romantic and historical scenery couldn’t be kept a secret for very long. Today more than 8 million travelers flock to this stunning local to take in the ultimate awe-inspiring experience. It is time you get acquainted with the unique atmosphere and charisma that this bustling city has to offer!
Products to bring: 
Kipling Discover Wheeled Duffle: You don’t need much when journeying to this picturesque city! The Kipling Discover Wheeled Duffle is lightweight and durable enough the handle walking down the cobblestone streets or hopping on the metro so you can get from one scenic spot to the next!
Pacsafe Blocking Bifold Wallet: Visiting iconic Prague landmarks such as St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, and Charles Bridge you may want to walk around with as little as possible. The Pacsafe Bifold Wallet has enough room for all money, cards, and passports plus a metal chain to connect to your pants so you can rest assured knowing everything is safe! 
Knirps Floyd Duomatic Umbrella: Unlike most places, travelers have said Prague is at its most beautiful when there is a little bit of rain. Prague’s medieval, gothic architecture is its most authentic during a light shower, but come prepared with this colorful umbrella by Knirps so you can stay dry but continue walking through the Old Town Square!