The Bosca story is the Italian-American immigrant story. Hugo Bosca traveled from Italy to The United States at the turn of the 20th century to pursue the American dream. Using his Italian artisan skills, in 1911 he founded and built a company. Today we still combine the Italian and American experience and cultures. Each day we work hard to re-invent Bosca and we always respect our past. “Rispettiamo il passato per costruire il future.”

We personally inspect every hide of Old Leather, Correspondent and Old Washed. We travel to Italy 3-4 times per year for this purpose. We sign the back of each approved hide. Bosca is a small artisan company run by the third generation of Italian-American immigrant family. We are small by choice; we do what we do, the way we do it, because this is what we believe in.

The Bosca brand philosophy is one that values luxury accessible luxury. We honor the past as we create the future. Never resting on our laurels we do place a high value on our history and archives. Our favorite products are often a new take on old ones.