What to Pack: Cote d'Azur

Wes Holland

There is something incredibly alluring about the Cote d’Azur during the high season. From prints depicting the old-world glamour to the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, it is definitely a destination that has a certain sophistication and charm about it. The Cote d'Azur is one of my favorite places in the world as it just exudes natural beauty and truly is how Slim Aaron's depicted it in his series of photographs. The scenery and views never cease to amaze me.


It was exciting to be on the Riviera with the 68th Festival du Cannes commencing; however, it was also a bit of tricky time in terms of packing. The spring season is one of transition, so it called for more than just shorts, sunglasses, and t-shirts as the temperatures remained mild during the day and cool in the evening.


I am one for which packing is always a dreaded task despite traveling frequently. I recently took a trip to Paris, however, the Cote d'Azur calls for a much more vibrant color palette, one to match the azur blue waters of the Mediterranean. Below are my suggestions for a stylish trip to the South of France.

 Cote d'Azur Day Wear

If you are similar to me, the main appeal of going to the coast will be spending days lounging on the beach, at a beach lounge, or soaking up the sun in your favorite spot around town. With that being said, I recommend packing daywear that focuses on statement swimwear (read my recent love for statement swimwear). Great swim trunks will be perfect for the beach, but when paired with a simple white V-neck or even a great, casual oxford and sandals, these trunks are the basis of a great outfit that transitions well between beach and café. When my days focus primarily around visiting on of the myriad of beautiful beaches, this is my go-to outfit. I pack a few different swim trunks and a stack of white v-necks. This is a great way to keep from over packing!

 Cote d'Azur Evening Wear

When transitioning from the beach to evening, I selected pieces that were colorful and light. Since temperatures are slightly cooler at night, I recommend lightweight chinos or cargo pants for a more modern look. Pair bright hues with white for a simple, classic look. Accessorize with great sunglasses, eyewear, and a bracelet. One of my favorite aspects of the Riviera is how understated it is. It may be a glamorous, sophisticated destination, but everyone has a sense of casualness about him or her, which creates a more relaxed environment and also results in easier packing as the suits and dress slacks can stay in the closet. Be sure to pack pants that match a myriad of your tops, allowing you to pack less and save room in your suitcase for anything you might pick up during your visit.  


About Wes Holland

Wes Holland is a business student in NYC, pursuing degrees in finance and marketing with a minor in French. Wes is busy running around NYC not just as a business student, but as a buying intern for Ralph Lauren, PR Director for HAZE Magazine and as a men's lifestyle writer for Skimbaco Lifestyle. You can read more about Wes on his blog Life Through Preppy Glasses and connect with him on Twitter@Wes_Holland