Carry-It-Alls Destination

Lipault is College Friendly

If you’re moving to attend school this fall, the right bag can do wonders to your stay and experience. Many students aspire to make their home in Boston and live the ‘Mass life.’ For this, our personal recommendation, as well as a style favorite, is the Lipault Paris Foldable 2 Wheeled 22" Carry On – the perfect bag.

Made from tough nylon, Lipault products are durable and abrasion resistant. This is particularly handy when moving. What’s more- they’re lightweight, so you can carry them easily up the stairs of any walk-up buildings in the wartime-era neighborhoods. Also, since we all know that there’s a perpetual lack of closet space in Boston, these bags can fold and fit into the nooks and crannies of your invisible closet.

The duffle, packing case, and carry-on wheeler are especially useful for storing bedding and winter clothing for a city that changes character every season. Features such as retractable handles, exterior and interior pockets, and neat compartments, make this collection functional and fit for multiple uses. The soft fabric is easy to clean, and maintains its integrity longer than most bags.

Last but not the least, you should be having fun, which is why this curated collection is available in bright colors such as orange, aqua, purple, as well as  the traditional black, grey, and espresso. Moving to another city for study can be stressful, and a travel-meets-storage luggage companion can make the journey easier.