Carry-It-Alls Luggage Diaries

Dead-Weight Woes

With stricter airline regulations, it has become even more important for travelers to travel light and be organized. But when has that ever been possible? Especially for those who believe in traveling prepared and struggle with the concept of traveling light.

For those of you who always feel under-packed, here’s a quick guide to choosing a luggage that’s light-weight and allows the accommodation of a few extra pounds of travel accessories:

  • The weight of luggage itself adds to the total weight of your check in or carry-on bag
  • When choosing luggage, always remember that the total weight is a combination of its material, frame, wheels, handle, and other accessories. Fabric luggage is slightly lighter and more spacious than a hardside luggage. However, the durability and security of hardsided luggage is greater than soft-side luggage.
  • Currently, several manufactures are producing lightweight luggage that’s hardsided, durable, and achieves the space requirements of most airlines. However, they’re a little more expensive and subject to the adversities of traveling.
  • On a general basis, luggage is classified as lightweight if it’s eight pounds or less for a 22” bag, or weighs in at 10 pounds or less for a 24”-26” bag.
  • Purses, handbags, and backpacks have a lot of dead weight due to handles and accessories. Make sure you buy bags with a two-way strap that will allow easier transport via a handle or over the shoulder.

Carrying everything demands that your luggage is as light as possible, so you can accommodate everything on your list, traveling prepared.