Carry-It-Alls Packing Tips

Packing Tips

If you absolutely need to carry everything with you, these tips are your most searched and bookmarked tips on the Internet. Ensure you make this your checklist before traveling, so you feel prepared for whatever comes your way.

✓ Use a travel cube in order to keep your delicate sweaters and other fragile items intact 

✓ Use plastic bags to better organize delicates and under garments

✓ Use a scale to ensure your large luggage isn’t overweight

✓ Always pack a foldable duffel when traveling with a larger checked luggage in case your bag is overweight, or you want to keep your dirty laundry separate 

✓ When traveling with children, bring markers and coloring books and pack them neatly in the 100 pens case/freedom case by Kipling

✓ Utilize compression interior straps to ensure your clothing stays wrinkle free and neatly organized

✓ Always carry a large carry-on bag to bring the essentials on the plane

✓ Purchase expandable luggage, especially if you plan on bringing home souvenirs 

✓ Pack your children individual outfits in gallon Ziploc bags. For example, a t-shirt, pair of pants, underwear, socks, and anything else they wear

✓ Instead of folding clothes, roll them into tube shapes, and then stack them. Your clothes will fit more neatly, and will rarely wrinkle. Ask your kids to help out with this – it can be a fun game to get them excited for the trip

✓ Fold each item in half and then carefully roll it up before placing it in your carry-on, filling all the corners. The payoff: you’ll utilize maximize space in your suitcase. Another perk: your clothes are likely to arrive wrinkle-free