Carry It All Packing Tips

Home for the Holidays—Packing for Holiday Travel

Home for the Holidays - Packing

We look forward to it all year--the holiday break, and the time we finally get to spend away from work and with our family and friends. Whether you travel once a year or every week, packing before the holidays should be the least of your concerns. Use our handy guide to learn holiday packing best practices, so you can bring home everything you need without worry.

Find Yourself Some High-Quality Luggage

High-quality luggage means two things: durability and movability. You want a piece that will last through years of baggage handlers and isn’t too clumsy to maneuver through airport security or from the cab to your destination. The Briggs & Riley Verb Pilot Carry-On is a great choice, as it’s compact enough to fit in an overhead compartment, and the lightweight nylon twill fabric resists moisture, wear, dirt, and abrasion.

Ideally, you’ll pair this piece with something larger to fit all the gifts you’ll be bringing with you. The Hartmann Intensity Belting Mobile Traveler Expandable Spinner 30 is 30” x 18.75” x 12”, leaving you with plenty of room to pack your surprises and your belongings.

Make a List of Everything You Need

Unfortunately, no matter how much of a packing superstar you are, you’re never going to be able to bring everything with you. In this case, organization begins with prioritizing. Make a list of everything you want to bring with three tiers: Mandatory, Essential, and Maybe.

With this list, catalogue all of your items, and when you begin packing, start from the top and work your way down. Those presents for your nephew? Essential. That extra pair of boots? Only if you have room. This will reduce clutter and ensure you have everything you need when you land. And as a bonus: making a list usually leads to less forgotten items.

Choose Clothing in Basic Colors

When you go home, it’s expected that you’ll want to look your best, especially if you’re visiting the in-laws. While those neon orange pants might be trendy, they’re not worth packing if you can only match them with a single sweater. Choosing clothing in a basic color scheme will ensure you get the most out of each item of clothing you bring, reducing wasted space and freeing up room for holiday treats. Make sure to pack your shoes and boots, the heaviest part of your wardrobe, on the bottom.

Roll Your Clothing

When it comes to packing, rolling your clothing definitely isn’t common sense. Most people fold their clothes for packing like they do for their dresser—nice, neat little squares, to avoid wrinkles. It might be a surprise, but rolling your shirts and pants into tubes makes them almost impenetrable to wrinkles, and provides the added bonus of saving a lot of space.

Choosing a piece of luggage with maximum floor space is essential for clothing-heavy packing. The Hartmann Herringbone Hardside Spinner 21 weighs only 7.2 lbs, and the main packing cavity is spacious and organized with compression straps. This is the perfect companion for long-term travel, and keeping those clothes neat and wrinkle-free.

Save Room for Your Return

The most important part of packing for the holidays is remembering to leave some room for the return journey. Alternatively, bringing along a sizable suitcase may free up some room to bring back all your new gifts. The Rimowa Topas Aluminum Multiwheel 29” is tall, deep, and durable, perfect for when you need that extra space.

Ready to pack for your holiday? Browse our choice luggage pieces to ensure you travel well!