Iconics Luggage Diaries

Bling It On

Often, our biggest challenge is finding that balance between a functional bag and great looking piece. One of the most unique and iconic features any luggage or accessory can have are metal details.

Zippers, handle parts, and openers can also be chic, sexy, and add that touch of glamour to your luggage. They also go well with different types of leather, colors, and treatments. Metal details are not only aesthetically classy, but also have sophisticated functionality as well. Details with straps can help extend and pull back the straps to make it versatile. 

Brics, Hartmann, Porsche Design, and Tumi are the few brands that have mastered this combination in their own unique way. Porsche Design Twin Bag and Tumi Arrive' LaGuardia Wheeled Brief with Laptop Insert have a beautiful (and handsome) metal finishing that makes it elegant and turns heads when you walk in. Within the sunglasses community, Roberto Cavalli is highly respected for the beautiful details and rhinestone embellishments. Zero Halliburton’s Geo Polycarbonate Zippered Carry On 4 Wheel Spinner Travel Case is a distinct polycarbonate case that comes in a myriad of colors with remarkable silver metal accents that compliment the look while also protecting the bag.