Iconics Packing Tips

Packing Tips

Luggage and accessories should look one of a kind, but you may have made sacrifices on practicality and function at some point or another. So here’s our list of to-do’s to pack well and more, so you never regret investing in that piece:

✓ Invest in the Bric's Tri Fold Traveler, a wonderful toiletry case for the Mr. and Mrs. that has a hanging hook and plenty of pockets

✓ Carry the Brics Cosmetic Tote, a #bff for the female traveler designed to look modern with a wonderful space for all those cosmetic needs

✓ Pack your shirts, sweaters, socks, and other soft items in the front zipper compartment where you can add additional items, create extra cushioning for any fragile items you may be carrying

✓ Use acid free tissue paper to pack folded clothes one above another to make sure they don’t wrinkle or leave lint on one another

✓ Always buy TSA friendly locks, as they’re super sturdy and can help you track luggage if lost

Most of our luggage features innovative straps and interior pockets for specific items – so make sure you always compress those important folded clothes within these pockets to take advantage of the space