Modern Metro Packing Tips

Packing Tips

Always travel with essentials and no frills. But that also means organizing essentials in a way that you can add more to your bag, and even more important – find it easily. See below some tips that make your packing stress free:

✓ Purchase a Tumi travel pack for iPhone 5/5S so that your phone is always charged

✓ Keep your wires untangled and compactly packed in an accessories pouch

✓ Invest in a backpack that can act as a carry-on for the plane, and is versatile enough to become your one and only friend during shopping, hiking, biking or doing other touristy stuff

✓ Be prepared, be connected: the mantra for international travel. So, make sure you have an adaptor tucked away in those mesh pockets of the bag while traveling out of the country

✓ To be that super-quick traveler, effortlessly passing check in and security, carry a Tumi Delta Zip Travel case to keep your passport, tickets, and other important documents organized and safe