Modern Metro Style File

Backpack Mania: A Dream Come True

Canvas made with love in the USA


When you live in a city, you make compromises. It’s what we call collateral damage. Travelling in metros, buses, taxis and on bikes is a daily routine – one that we prepare for each morning.

A big concerns is how to pack everything you need – food, snacks, gym stuff, extra heels or shoes, a tie, some files, and of course, a laptop. More importantly, it has to fit perfectly with no spills, not be a burden to other commuters, be light and utilitarian, and have multiple pockets for quick access.  We found you a perfect piece- just right for the daily commuter.

Duluthpack, a new and fun brand made right here in the USA, offers a perfect backpack that’s versatile for daily commute or a weekend getaway. The Roll Top Scout, a part of their scout series, snugs against your back and offers a roll up or down to expand your backpack based on your need. If you need it for a daily commute, roll it tightly so it sits at a 16” high, and expand it completely for the weekend, so it’s 29” total in height. Made out of tough canvas and leather reinforcements with rivet detailing, this piece is tough looking, but great feeling. The canvas is durable and gets better with age. Roller buckles are easy to adjust and offer maximum ease of use.

Additional details such as a zipper pocket up front, make it easier to grab handy items. Available in a range of colors – regular, muted, fun and bright, this backpack buddy is great for men and ladies to look great and feel prepared for a day in the city.

What’s more – it’s hand constructed right here in the USA, and if you’d really like to know who made it, just flip the inside tag and read the name of the person who made it for you. Guaranteed for life, this backpack will make your metro travel easy and stress free.