MPOWERD Luci Solar Site Lights: Stringless String Lights

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    Featuring six hangable lights with convenient dual-directional on/off swivel,
    six near-indestructible ABS stakes, and one sleek charging case for storage,
    Site Lights illuminate any scene for up to 20 hours on a single charge.
    Bridging the gap between our Solar String Lights and Portable Solar Lanterns,
    this multipurpose product allows you to seamlessly switch from ground
    illumination to overhead lighting wherever you need. Hang light wherever you
    need with the “stringless string lights”. Lighting up to 1,000 sq ft (total),
    these shatter-and-weatherproof lights brighten everything from patio dinners,
    parkside picnics, and off-grid adventures. Illuminate guylines around the camp
    or light any outdoor space at home. With a 3-sided design for extra holding
    power, plus notch for securing guylines, Luci Site Lights provide visibility
    wherever you need. Whether using the lights independently as “stringless
    string lights” or connecting onto the stakes to form an illuminated tent peg,
    the user-friendly design makes using the multipurpose Site Lights a breeze.
    From brightening up dinners on the patio to off-grid adventures, Site Lights
    are the perfect choice for making memories under the night sky.

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