About Us


As a unique concept and online retailing platform, PORTMANTOS sells a wide range of quality, premium luggage and related products, curated to a traveler’s needs and personality.

Inspired by portmanteau [pɔːtˈmæntəʊ]n pl -teaus, -teaux [-təʊz],

  1. (formerly) a large travelling case made of stiff leather, esp one hinged at the back so as to open out into two compartments 
  2. (modifier) embodying several uses or qualities
  3. combination of the French port, "carry," and manteau, "cloak”

PORTMANTOS is about the journey. It represents a traveler’s shopping experience in finding that perfect travel companion aka luggage and accessory. The experience represents a combination of functional luggage needs and personal style statements.

Why shop at PORTMANTOS?

PORTMANTOS connects a traveler’s needs, lifestyle to the products and accessories on the website. Through curated, engaging content, it aligns the online content with a personal shopping experience.

In pursuit of..

PORTMANTOS believes in curating products and content that empowers different types of travel personality to invest in luggage and accessories that compliments their need and style.


  1. Commitment to Quality: premium product, varied collections, multiple product categories approved with the strict quality requirements of PORTMANTOS
  2. Quality enhanced by Service: exclusive, concierge level service options to guarantee a stress free and happiness ensured shopping experience
  3. Service maximized by holistic experience: seamless ecommerce experience enhanced with customer services ensures a happy start to an enjoyable journey.