Business Basics Packing Tips

Packing Tips 

Little tips to get you ready for your next destination.



Traveling for work seems to be an ordeal for some, and a part of the daily routine for others. Packing well is a prerequisite to a successful trip. See below a few tips and tricks from our Jetsetter:

✓ Keep a shave case packed at all times with an extra toothbrush and everyday essentials so you don't repack them when going on frequent business trips

✓ Use a wheeled garment bag when traveling on a business trip like the Brics garment bag that includes interior pockets and shoe pockets for that most important meeting

✓ Shoes add to the weight of the bag, so make sure you pack and wear only those pairs that are necessary

✓ Fold your clothes as you would at home, and then place them between sheets of dry cleaner plastic (or tissue). This will help keep wrinkles away. Also consider leaving items on their hangers so you can just pop them into the hotel closet upon arrival.

✓ Purchase a briefcase with and add-a-bag sleeve feature to free up your hands during travel.
✓ Keep your passport and other important information/documents in a travel wallet /passport case to ensure you always have everything together when rushing to the airport.
✓ Purchase a tie case to prevent your lucky tie from getting wrinkled

✓ Use a packing cube to keep your delicate sweaters looking fresh and new 

Carry an international adaptor for your electronics while traveling outside the US 

✓ Purchase a briefcase with a removable laptop sleeve

✓ Carry your chargers and electronic accessories in a compact accessory pouch to prevent wires from tangling with one another