Modern Metro Luggage Diaries

Fasteners for a Fast Life

New York, Chicago, London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles among other cities have the highest number of commuters who travel nearly 50 miles each way reach work and come back home. For such commuters, traveling is a planned activity and needs the right travel accessories to achieve multiple functions. Most importantly, a commuter needs to be prepared for a full train with few places to sit. For these times, fasteners are a deal maker or deal breaker for any travel accessory.

One of the biggest frustrations for a traveler is a bag full of things toppling over and spilling the contents out in a packed train. For this, it’s important to choose a bag, purse, laptop or backpack that zips completely, leaving no room for spill-outs. A buckle and a flap is the next best thing to a zipper, but requires a little more time, patience, and effort. However, if you like a good balance between style and functionality, buckle and flaps have unique detailing that can set your accessory apart, while achieving the compactness requirement of the commute.

A purse with a clasp or a magnetic fastener comes next on the list with a more luxurious and modern feel, but is often less reliable and buckles under pressure.

When evaluating a bag for its suitability for travel, ensure there are plenty of internal pockets with zippers or button fasteners. Little pockets are necessary to store food, laptops, mobile phone, important papers and any other important items you may have.

More importantly, a fastener also helps prevent pick-pocketers from snooping around in your backpack or purse. Ensure that you zip up your bags completely, and you can also carry handy locks to keep your valuables secure and safe within that perfect metro travel friendly bag.