Edge Softside Backpack 21

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Edge Softside
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    Product Story

    Since 1901, Boyt has been the American luggage company known for the best value in premium travel gear, where luxury meets value. Boyt prides itself on ergonomically-designed features and product details.

    Product Specifications
    • Constructed with 1262x1262 Ballistic Nylon Fabric - This is an ultra strong and light weight Nylon fabric which is twisted when woven to add additional strength without adding weight - The fabric is also coated during the weave process with our Boyt Shield coating which provides a layer of water and dirt resistance
    • Corner Protection for added strength, durability, and shock protection - We studied years of our Quality Control and test results to locate the areas which are the most susceptible to abrasion and impact and reinforced those wear points with polypropylene and thermo plastic protection
    • Custom Designed Pull Handle - Includes a 6 part co-molded pull handle grip adjustment, button is integrated into the molded handle which is water and dust resistant for added reliability - It's all wrapped together with a TPR grip and pad for a great look, feel, and performance
    • Max Capacity Backpack - For the traveler who doesnt have time to wait for baggage our door opening backpack opens and packs just like a carry on piece of luggage - This backpack paired with one of our carry on pieces gives a consumer the most carry on capacity possible on most major airlines
    • Compression straps on the exterior and interior help maximize and control the packing capacity while keeping all your items safe and secure during travel
    Product Details
    9" X 21" X 13"
    Dimensions 9" X 21" X 13"
    3.9 lb
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    Carry On FriendlyYes