Duluth Pack Duluth Minn Everyday Travel Gym Shoulder Market Tote Bag

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    Product Story
    • VERSATILE BAG - From the adventurer to the shopper, the classic Market Tote is simple and made for the Northwoods. You'll be feeling organized and prepared with the versatility of this tote bag
    • BAG CONSTRUCTION - Rugged 15oz canvas construction (except Classic Wool that is made of wool), Riveted premium leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom, four snaps on all sides for added security
    • CAPACITY - The Market tote is designed to create an effortless look for any occasion and holds up to 33 liters. Dimensions - 14"H x 18"W x 8"D
    • EASY TO USE - Market Tote features adjustable premium leather handles with roller buckles for multiple length options, interior zipped hang pocket for quick access to essentials and sturdy design perfect for fitting the necessities, plus some!
    • BUILD TO LAST - Duluth Pack designed the Market Tote to be your go-to reliable carryall bag. From exploring to shopping, its made to last for years to come. Perfect to use for everyday, going-out, and travel

    Four snaps on all sides to secure the bag if desired Interior hanging zippered pocket to hold small items. Premium leather handles can be adjusted with roller buckles for multiple length options. Tough 15 ounce cotton canvas construction. Guaranteed for life. Made in the USA.
    Product Specifications
      • Premium leather handles can be adjusted with roller buckles for multiple length options.
      • Riveted leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom.
      • Interior zipped hang pocket for easy access to small items.
    • Four snaps on all sides to secure the bag
    • 15-ounce canvas construction
    • Premium leather adjustable handles
    • Riveted leather reinforcements
    • Interior zipped hang pocket
    Product Details
    9" X 14" X 18"
    Care Cleaning
    Standard Canvas – Very little care is required for our standard canvas bags. If the fabric gets dirty, spot clean with a small quantity of dish or laundry detergent and a small brush. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. Do not machine wash, and do not bleach. Waxed Canvas – Our waxed canvas has a distinct look that will improve over time. Waxed canvas is also highly water resistant. Depending on the level of wear, re-waxing of the pack might be needed. Filson wax (or any paraffin-based garment wax) can be used to re-wax a bag. Instructions for re-waxing can be found online or with wax instructions. Do not machine wash and do not bleach. Leather – With any leather bag, conditioning the leather is imperative for extended and continued performance. Use a leather conditioner every 6-8 months (or more depending on use), and anytime after it gets wet, to keep the leather supple and pliable. A leather cleaner may be used before conditioning the bag to clear off any dirt or grime. Following these simple care instructions for your Duluth Pack bag will ensure many years of use. As always, we guarantee our products for life on all craftsmanship and hardware. Take care of it now so you may pass it down for generations to come.
    Dimensions 9" X 14" X 18"
    1.0 lb
    Carry On FriendlyYes