Sparky Bag

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    Product Story

    One of our best selling daypacks, the Sparky Bag was designed to be the most versatile bag you own. It works great as an everyday work or school bag, but is equally at home while snowshoeing fresh powder or traversing rocky shorelines.

    Product Specifications
      • Side pockets are large enough to carry a thermos or 32-ounce water bottle
      • Made in USA.
      • Leather shoulder straps and bottom
    • Zippered Main Compartment
    • 18-Ounce Canvas Construction
    • Padded Leather Shoulder Straps
    • Two Zippered Side Pockets
    • Thick Leather Bottom for Water Resistance and added Durability
    Product Details
    13" X 5" X 17"
    Care Cleaning
    Standard Canvas – Very little care is required for our standard canvas bags. If the fabric gets dirty, spot clean with a small quantity of dish or laundry detergent and a small brush. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. Do not machine wash, and do not bleach. Waxed Canvas – Our waxed canvas has a distinct look that will improve over time. Waxed canvas is also highly water resistant. Depending on the level of wear, re-waxing of the pack might be needed. Filson wax (or any paraffin-based garment wax) can be used to re-wax a bag. Instructions for re-waxing can be found online or with wax instructions. Do not machine wash and do not bleach. Leather – With any leather bag, conditioning the leather is imperative for extended and continued performance. Use a leather conditioner every 6-8 months (or more depending on use), and anytime after it gets wet, to keep the leather supple and pliable. A leather cleaner may be used before conditioning the bag to clear off any dirt or grime. Following these simple care instructions for your Duluth Pack bag will ensure many years of use. As always, we guarantee our products for life on all craftsmanship and hardware. Take care of it now so you may pass it down for generations to come.
    Dimensions 13" X 5" X 17"
    3.2 lb
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Carry On FriendlyYes