GTO 4.0 3 Piece Set (21"/25"/29") Spinner Luggage Sets

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GTO 4.0
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Luggage Sets

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    Product Story

    The new EPIC GTO 4.0 ExoSphere is a further refined, updated, and expandable evolution of one of our all time favorites, the classic GTO. Even though its gotten even bigger and roomier, we still managed to make it even lighter.

    Product Specifications
    • The outer shell is still made from a very light and impact resistant polymer called polycarbonate which is otherwise often used for bullet-resistant glass, or even in such extreme applications as the cockpit canopy on F22 Raptor jets, and is, needless to say, very strong.
    • The outer surface is our all-new ExoSphere, which is a totally new, and, once again, unique surface in luggage from EPIC. Just like its surface-sibling, HexaCORE, ExoSphere is extremely scratch and scuff resistant while the dual-layer design reduces weight and material usage, and acts as a strengthening, reinforcing outer shield.
    • Key components have been updated to Airspeed, which are lightweight but still extremely strong and durable. Weve even added our all new DualTRAK wheel system which is lighter than ever, but rolls like a train on rails.
    • A fantastic new development within this range is the cabin size in SlimMAX format. This means that you can have extra packing space when you need it in a cabin size that meets carrier demands essentially everywhere during US Travel.
    • EPIC GTO 4.0 is also equipped with EPICs true and strong 7 year Full Armor Warranty that even covers third party (read airline!) damage to the shell during the warranty period.
    Product Details
    20" X 32" X 12"
    Dimensions 20" X 32" X 12"
    1.0 lb
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Wheel TypeMultiwheel/Spinner
    Carry On FriendlyYes