EZRI Professional Backpack

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    For our young business individuals in the early stages of their career paths, the EZRI Professional is the perfect model to establish an image of respect, commitment, and determination in the workplace environment. With the EZRI Professional, you won't have to worry about filling your bag with items you don't need to make it look full. Built to last, the backpack can keep its shape even when empty, maintaining a formal look at all times.

    The EZRI Professional's style is enhanced by its outstanding functionalities. A side compartment for folders, laptops and tablets creates easy access to your largest items without having to move things around to take them out. The two compressed side pockets are the ideal location for your water bottle, as well as an emergency umbrella for when the rain catches you on the way to work. Its spacious interior combined with its functional pockets makes sure all your work items are easily accessible throughout the day.
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