Women's Garter with Pockets

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    Girly-Go-Garter - The First thigh purse! Carries up to 3 lbs of accessories! (Red) The GirlyGoGarter is a sexy, lacey garter with pockets that adheres to your upper thigh with patented GentleFlexTM Grippers. There are two types of pockets on the GirlyGoGarter: easy-access (on the outside, just within the lace) and lock-flap (on the inside, against your thigh). Both types of pockets keep your money, I.D., lip gloss, mobile phone, keys, passport, cash, epi pen, tampon, gum,/mints, vitamins, condom, mace...the possibilities are endless...secure and right at your fingertips. The GirlyGoGarter adheres to the thigh with secure, patented GentleFlexTM Grippers and closes with soft, size-adjusting Velcro. The outer layer is a sophisticated, durable lace with easy-access pockets. The inner layer is lingerie-quality, moisture-wicking microfiber with lock-flap pockets. Every material and detail was carefully considered and selected by inventor Andy Paige for comfort, durability, functionality and sexy fabulousness! Simply load your necessities in the pockets - up to 3 lbs! - and put it on your bare thigh (or over fishnet hosiery). Position your essentials where they are the most convenient and least noticeable depending on your skirt or dress. For the smoothest results, attach with the Velcro at the back of your leg. There's even a safety key strap, to make sure your keys stay put. Go forth and enjoy your sexy freedom! Sizes: Size Small (3) (fits sizes 0-6) Size Medium (2) (fits sizes 8-12) Size Large (1) (fits sizes 14-18)

    Product Specifications
    • The GirlyGoGarter is the smart, sexy garter with pockets that safely holds your phone, cash, credi
    • Unsure about your size? Go smaller rather than larger - the garter should be snug!
    • The GirlyGoGarter adheres to the thigh with secure, patented GentleFlexTM Grippers
    • Comes in assorted colors for any outfit!
    • Stretch the garter tight around your thigh and secure it with the Velcro at the back of your leg
    Product Details
    5" X 10" X 2"
    Dimensions 5" X 10" X 2"
    0.13 lb
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