Compact & Lightweight Travel Umbrella Opens & Closes Automatically

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    Weighing in at just 0.35 pounds, the Lewis N. Clark umbrella is perfect fortraveling and the everyday. Constructed of sturdy metal ribs and a 3-foldchrome-plated steel shaft, along with lightweight and flexible fiberglasstips, the rust- and corrosion-resistant frame offers protection against bothrain and wind. The water-resistant material as well as the ample 38in canopyensure that youll stay as dry as possible whether youre walking to your caror to the Eiffel Tower. The accompanying mold-resistant sleeve effortlesslyslips into totes, handbags, duffels, briefcases, and glove compartments,making it easily accessible no matter where you go. Additionally, therubberized non-slip handle makes it easy to hold the umbrella against highwinds. With its automatic open/close button, youll have one hand free forholding your coffee, opening doors, pulling along your suitcase, or eventalking on your phone. Additionally, the pressure required to open the canopywill ensure that it doesnt accidentally open while its being jostled aroundin your purse or bag. Rated by the Wirecutter as the best umbrella 2 years ina row, it survived being turned inside out 20 times in 30mph winds withoutbreaking during their trials. Available in both classic black as well asbright colors to distinguish yours from the crowd, this umbrella will helpprotect you and your belongings from the elements. Rainy days no longer haveto be gloomy days!

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    11.81" X 11.02" X 5.12"
    Dimensions 11.81" X 11.02" X 5.12"
    1.0 lb
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