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    Size:Duo | Color:Red GoBites took over two years to develop, but we thinkthey were worth the wait. We wanted to create eating tools that many differenttypes of people can use in many different situations, and we wanted to makethem simple, extremely durable, and a joy to use. We're confident that we'veachieved all of that and more with GoBites. Duo is a decidedly clever two-piece fork and spoon set. A unique interlock mechanism allows the tools tonest in an extremely compact form for transport and storage. Each tool hasbeen carefully sized to be comfortable when used separately and to fittogether end-to-end making a single tool (for rehydrated meal bags, deepcontainers, etc.). As a single tool, Duo is longer than any comparable "longreach" utensil. The Duo is made from a special BPA-free nylon material that isamazingly strong - so strong we back it with a lifetime warranty. Nests forcompact storage In storage mode, the Duo's fork and spoon snap together for anultra-portable utensil set. Connects end-to-end for extra length Deepcontainers and dehydrated meal bags can lead to a nasty case of "sauce hand."Duo to the rescue - the fork and spoon snap end-to-end to form a singleutensil that's longer than most "extra-long" utensils. Backpacker's bestfriend Use the extra-long Duo to reach the bottom of dehydrated meal bags andother camping food containers. Don't forget the pasta The Duo fork's tinestwirl pasta like a champ while still being compact enough for easyportability. Cook up a storm The Duo's material is heat-resistant and won'tscratch your cookware. And thanks to the added length, you can use just aboutany pot. A real fork. A real spoon. Why sacrifice function for portabilitywhen you can have both? We improved both the fork and spoon on the Duo, so youcan eat soup, twirl noodles, cut up softer food with the fork's "splittertines," and scrape the sides of containers with the spoon's specially designededges. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Clever. Compact.Civilized. How did you come up with the idea for this product? GoBites tookover two years to develop, but we think they were worth the wait. We wanted tocreate eating tools that many different types of people can use in manydifferent situations, and we wanted to make them simple, extremely durable,and a joy to use. We're confident that we've achieved all of that and morewith GoBites. What makes your product special? So far all three GoBites havewon the prestigious Red Dot, IDEA, and Spark awards for excellence in design.Most people aren't familiar with these awards, but they're the kind of thingthat designers that wear all black and have fancy glasses get in a tizzy over.It was no small feat to try to reinvent something as ubiquitous andfundamental as a spoon and fork, and we're stoked that others have recognizedour efforts. What has been the best part of your startup experience? Seeingthe excitement around these very simple tools - from users, from the press,and from design award committees - has validated our conviction that designand innovation can be brought to small, everyday items. Our goal at humangearis to design products that make life on the go easier, more organized, andmore fun - and it's awesome to see the GoBites fulfilling that mission!

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