RFID-Blocking Hidden Travel Wallet

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    If youre looking for a slim, lightweight version of a traditional wallet thatcan be easily concealed, and blocks RFID signals, this hidden travel wallet isa great option. With two belt loops, you can attach either the brown or blackloop to your belt so that it blends in, and then tuck the wallet inside yourpants so thieves arent able to easily snatch it. You can wear it on the sideof your hip, along your thigh, or wherever it feels most comfortable.Constructed of lightweight nylon material, it feels smooth against your skin,and the anti-moisture TravelDry fabric helps prevent you and your belongingsfrom getting sweaty. More importantly, however, it protects you againstelectronic identity theft and pickpocketing. With a lining to specificallyprevent unauthorized scans of your credit cards and passport, the RFID-blocking material will ensure that your personal information wont be takenwithout your knowledge. The three inner compartments keep you organized so youcan pack your change, cash, drivers license, credit card, etc. You can use itwhether youre traveling overseas or going to the convenience store. Keep yourvaluables out of sight - and yet still easily accessible to you - with theanti-theft belt wallet today.

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    5.51" X 9.64" X 1.38"
    Dimensions 5.51" X 9.64" X 1.38"
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