Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Alarm

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    This reliable and powerful alarm will give you peace on mind whether you’re
    traveling or staying at home. With a motion sensor that triggers the alarm
    when someone has opened the door, it can be used in college dorm rooms, at
    hotels and hostels, or even at home.With two lithium button cell batteries
    included, it comes fully operational and ready to use. The sound intensity
    level of 91dB is loud enough to hear throughout the room and will startle the
    intruder. No one will be able to get in or out without you knowing.It’s easy
    to set up: while holding the thin blades together, simply slide them into the
    crack between the door and doorframe, then loop the cord around the door
    handle and adjust the toggle to keep it in place. Lastly, set the alarm. This
    same technique can be applied to sliding doors or to windows as well. No
    matter the situation, it will alert you to a possible intrusion.Additionally,
    the built-in bright LED flashlight allows you to see your way around in the
    dark without having to turn on lights. As a compact, lightweight option, it
    will also take up very little room in your suitcase or handbag.If you have
    loved ones that travel, you travel yourself, or you’d like an added sense of
    security at home, you’ll sleep better with this do-it-yourself protection
    device knowing that others cannot gain unauthorized entry without setting off
    the alarm.
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