Travel Sentry Cable Lock

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Laptop Computer Bag

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    Travel Sentry Approved locks are designed specifically to keep your belongingssecure while still allowing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)to open your luggage at the airport without destroying the lock during theirscreenings. Featuring a resettable 3-dial combination, this lock is easy toset with our step-by-step written and video instructions “ making it keys-free, and one less thing to remember. The flexibility of the 70mm steel cablewill ensure that it doesnt break when its going through the conveyor beltsat security checkpoints or when baggage handlers are loading and unloadingyour belongings from airplanes. This combination lock can be also be used onlockers at hostels, gyms, water parks, etc. With several colors available, itssleek style combines with durable construction to create a lock that you canfeel secure using anywhere in the world.

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    9.69" X 14.92" X 6.13"
    Dimensions 9.69" X 14.92" X 6.13"
    1.0 lb
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