Numinous London Smart Executive 20" Cabin Case Gold Brush

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Carry-On Luggage

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    Product Story

    An executive carry on case designed for today?s modern business traveller, with separate section for work files and documents and a large separate compartment for clothing and shoes. Luxuriously designed and with a high exterior finish. The SMART Executive cabin also features Bio-metric (fingerprint recognition) Lock, external secure laptop compartment, puncture resistant zips and built in SMART device charger to keep your devices powered on the go.

    Product Specifications
    • Biometric fingerprint lock - TSA accepted. No need for keys or codes, the lock is coded to your fingerprint with the option to add up to 100 additional finger prints for friends and family use.
    • Front zipped pocket with Joey Power supply to allow travellers to charge their electronic devices on the go.
    • Secure laptop compartment enables travellers to remove laptop with ease whilst going through security check points
    • 4 x singular multi-directional wheels for complete control
    • Zipped divider pad to allow travellers to carry folders, files and documents. Also allows internal access to laptop or tablet compartment.
    Product Details
    9" X 13" X 21.25"
    Trip Time1-2 DayTrip
    Dimensions 9" X 13" X 21.25"
    6.4 lb
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Carry On FriendlyYes