Slingsafe LX400 Anti theft backpack

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    Product Story

    The Slingsafe LX400 from Pacsafe is the perfect two in one anti-theftbackpack for any city or travel inspired occasion, offering flexibility with adetachable front pocket. Simple and unstructured, the pack has a variety ofanti-theft features built into it to help keep belongings safe. The bagsfabric is embedded with eXomesh Slashguard, a stainless steel wire mesh thatprotects your gear from a quick slash-and-run theft. The Turn and LockSecurity Hook allows you to secure the bag to a fixture for added security,and the ultra-strong wire-imbedded Dyneema webbing straps help prevent cut-and-run theft. The RFIDsafe blocking pocket helps prevent your data (such asfrom e-passports, credit cards, and key cards) from falling into the wronghands, while the smart zipper security makes it difficult for pickpockets toquickly access the front and main pockets. The detachable front pocket comeswith a removable shoulder strap, turning the front pocket into a smallcrossbody bag. Weighing just 21 ounces, the Slingsafe LX400 has a laptopsleeve compatible for an 15-inch laptop, and leaves plenty of room to organizeyour daily essentials. Pacsafe is all about secure mobility. With a wide rangeof stylish adventure backpacks, everyday bags, womens bags, camera bags,luggage, and travel accessories, Pacsafe lets you unpack the stress ofprotecting your gear, and instead, pack peace of mind.

    Product Specifications
    • Polyester
    • Imported
    • Zipper closure
    • 44 centimeters high
    • 17 centimeters wide
    Product Details
    19.75" X 12.5" X 31"
    Dimensions 19.75" X 12.5" X 31"
    1.0 lb
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    Carry On FriendlyYes