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    Trakdot --- Track Your Luggage, Enjoy Peace of Mind sold by WCB Direct Trakdotdelivers breakthrough products that empower consumers to keep track of thepeople and things they hold dear. Providing cutting-edge patent-protectedtechnology at a remarkable value, Trakdot offers innovative solutions thatmeet global demand. In a world where our assets seem so vulnerable, Trakdotdelivers a level of peace of mind previously unattainable. 26 Million bags gomissing each year from Airports around the world. Enjoy peace of mind withTrakdot Luggage, knowing your airline checked luggage arrived at yourdestination when you did! First-ever luggage tracking solution with worldwidelocation reporting keeps you connected to your valuables Palm-sized device:Fits in your checked-luggage allowing you to track it from check-in to baggageclaim Text and e-mail notification: Sends you an SMS text message or emailwith the location of your luggage upon arrival Uses cellular technology:Rather than GPS, Trakdot detects its location using a GSM chip, triangulatingits position using local cell towers Compatible with any cellular device:Track your luggage worldwide with any mobile device Multiple mobile/devicetracking: Connect multiple cell phones to one Trakdot device or track multipledevices from one cell phone Easy locating at baggage claim: Bluetooth functionwithin the mobile application allows you to locate your luggage at baggageclaim within 30 feet Online tracking: View your luggages location history onyour PC via the Trakdot website Battery operated: Operates on two AA batteriesProduct dimension:806020mm; Weight: 45g Package dimension:1418940mm;Weighs 255g

    Product Specifications
    • Imported
    • Trakdot luggage tracker is designed to provide specific location information for your tracked luggage
    • Works anywhere cellular phones work
    • Gives you peace of mind by helping you keep track of your bag when travelling air
    • You receive a text message or email when you land telling you that your checked in luggage arrived with you
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    9.69" X 14.92" X 6.13"
    Dimensions 9.69" X 14.92" X 6.13"
    0.7 lb
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