ZAG Backpack

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    Product Story

    Keep your hands free by putting your essentials on your back with the zagbackpack from zero Halliburton.

    Product Specifications
      • Durable and lightweight
      • Zipper closure, interior pocket, and two front zipper pockets
      • Key fob
      • Top grab handle
    • Interior Pocket
    • Zipper Closure
    • Dimensions: 11 x 17 x 4. Weight: 2LB
    • Top Grab Handle
    • Durable and Lightweight Nylon
    Product Details
    11" X 4" X 17"
    Care Cleaning
    Aluminum: To Remove dirt or surface residue, wipe the case clean using a soft, damp cloth. You can shine your aluminum case by applying a coat of mild polish wax that does not contain silica. Leather: To remove dirt or surface residue, wipe the case clean using a soft, damp cloth. To give the leather an extra shine, we recommend Apple® brand leather polish products, however your favorite leather treatment product may also be used. Do not use waxes, or silicone formulas or other leather preparations that impair the ability of the leather to "breathe". Twill: To remove dirt of surface residue, wipe the case clean using a soft, damp cloth. Cleaning of your twill fabric case can be accomplished by using light soap and water with a nylon brush. Mild commercial cleaners such as 409 or Simple Green may also be used. Foam Inserts (Camera Cases, Gun Cases, Cue Cases): ZERO Halliburton uses the highest quality latex and petroleum-chemical based foam available, however, like any other foam product, the foam in ZERO Halliburton camera cases, gun cases, and pool cue cases is subject to degradation over time. If you notice any appearance of fine powder, loss of resiliency, noticeable color change or a consistency change such as a rubbery soft feel, it is time to obtain a replacement set of foam. As a maintenance procedure, we recommend that you replace the foam interior every five years. It is important to note that it is the sole responsibility of the case owner to regularly check for foam degradation and to replace the foam as necessary. ZERO Halliburton is not responsible for any damage sustained to the contents of the case due to foam degradation. Apple® is a registered trademark of Apple Polishers, Inc.
    Trip Time1-2 DayTrip
    Dimensions 11" X 4" X 17"
    2.1 lb
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Carry On FriendlyYes